I Do {How To’s}: The Toasting Tent

Jun 17, 2013

We get super excited to share unique guest book alternative ideas with you! Are you looking for a fun and creative way to entertain your guests? We adore photo booths and you can never go wrong adding one to your wedding day. Guests love them and they provide not only entertainment but a fun way for you to get photos of your guests having a blast.

What do you get when you combine a photo booth with the abilities of a professional video team?  The Toasting Tent!  The Toasting Tent is a space similar to a large photo booth where anyone can leave a video message to the bride and groom. The best part is it captures their sentiments far better than pen to paper.

The tent will typically stay at your wedding for about three hours (available longer, if you would like). The best part – a few weeks later, you end up with a 3-5 minute film perfectly edited to sum up the comments of the day.  Also included with your package is all the raw footage from the evening. If you are looking for the newest thing to add some fun to your wedding day, this is it!

[vimeo width=”900″ height=”506″]http://vimeo.com/64687320#[/vimeo]

"Thank you for all that you did for us - people are still complimenting our special day! Couldn't have done it without you!" Caroline | 2019 Bride

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