LVL First Annual Team Retreat

Aug 13, 2012

One week has gone by since our first annual team retreat and since then I have had some time to reflect on this special day.  One word keeps coming to my mind and that is GRATEFUL. I am grateful to have such an awesome, dedicated, and loyal team.

My original goal for this retreat was to have my whole team together in a place where they can get to know each other and also have fun as a token of my appreciation for all their hard work. I found the perfect spot while enjoying a cocktail at my local hang out, The Deck in Laguna Beach. The Deck is attached to Pacific Edge Hotel and has 5 hotel rooms converted into beach cabanas that you can rent out for the day. I thought what better place to hang out for the day than beside the beach.  Now I didn’t just want to lounge by the beach all day, I wanted to do activities that would help push my team to the next level and even conquer fears and build confidence.  I then started to think about what does that for me in my life. Yoga has always been a place where I find peace and clarity, and I recently started stand up paddling which has been a huge feat for me since I am scared of the ocean. I decided to hire Yoga Guru Carolynn Long to teach my team about pushing yourself to the edge in order to find your best self. I then hired Paddle Board Bliss  to teach the ladies how to stand up paddle. Little did I know the surf was going to be huge — even I was a little scared.  One by one with the help of our fearless instructor we all got out pass the surf and were enjoying paddling far from shore together.

I think everyone walked away from the day with a heightened sense of life purpose and teamwork, and it definitely united us all closer together.

A special thanks to The Grovers for capturing all these special moments and to Melissa with OC Makeup for making us look BEAUTIFUL!


"Thank you for all that you did for us - people are still complimenting our special day! Couldn't have done it without you!" Caroline | 2019 Bride

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