I Do {How To's}: Wedding Dress Hangers

Apr 25, 2011

You have found the perfect dress.  The order has been placed, it has been altered and pressed and now it is ready for the big day. Wait not yet! You are missing one thing. The perfect wedding dress hanger for this perfect gown. Bridal salons often hang the dress on a plastic hanger,  though practical it is not beautiful.  This detail often gets overlooked but can play such a cute, creative or personal role in your wedding.

We are often asked these questions from our clients: “What should I hang my dress on for photos?” or “Where can I get a pretty hanger for my wedding dress?” So we decided to share our wedding dress hanger secrets with you.

Before we discuss all the great options you have, a few things to consider…

Why a special hanger?

When wedding photographers arrive, most start with detail photos of the brides clothing and accessories. Your dress is the main focus at this point and photographers seek out the perfect place to take a stunning photo. Now imagine your beautiful, perfect, fairytale wedding dress hanging on a  plastic hanger. This photo tends to be one of bride’s favorite detail shots because lets face it- you LOVE your dress, right? Well showcase your dress on a hanger you love too and the photo is sure to be even more special.

The hanger also must provide function

While selecting a pretty hanger for your wedding dress to remember consider the function it serves as well. Wedding dresses tend to be pretty heavy so make sure your hanger has notches for the straps. We recommend trying out the hanger with your dress prior to your wedding day. (The wooden ones with notches work the best)

Now the fun part…

Thanks to Etsy and other crafty retailers you have a wide variety of hangers to choose from! We love the personalized ones with names or wedding dates. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Pricing tends to range from $8.00- $40.00.

Your hanger can compliment the style of your dress, the theme of your wedding or simply add a personalized touch.

No matter the route, enjoy finding a creative hanger for your gorgeous wedding dress!

Inspired and wanting to create your own? Visit Hangers.com for basic and monogram hangers.

Hangers can also be cute gifts for bridesmaids, moms & more.

{ Hanger Credits from left to right, top to bottom: Twisted Words (top left two), Creative Stamp , La Cintre , Lila Frances, Janny Fay , Down Home }

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