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Apr 04, 2011

When thinking about desserts for your wedding do you picture the gorgeous four tier white wedding cake or a table of mini sweet treats?? Traditionally, wedding cakes are the dessert of weddings. We all know you are not confined to traditions.  Both are excellent choices, but if you are leaning towards the mini sweets table, this blog post is for you!

We love dessert stations because they are the perfect alternative the the traditional wedding cake, you can offer your guests a wide variety of sweet treats and this is a perfect place to let your creativity run wild and add to your overall wedding design.

Choices, Choices…mini pops, cupcakes and more!

The choices are endless on what you can have on a mini dessert table, and we suggest picking favorites that are special to you and your guests.

Some of the best choices we have seen are cake pops, donuts, pie pops,  mini cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, french macaroons, frosting shots, mini s’mores, mousse cups & flavored popcorn.  The possibilities are endless, that is half the fun. Channel your inner sweet tooth and pick your favorites!


CAKE POPS – When it comes to cake pops, you must talk with our friends at Just a Bite, Cake Pops. Cake pops are a bite of cake on a stick covered in candy coating. Just a Bite have mastered the art of cake pops. They specialize in event, party and wedding pops are well as featured and seasonal flavors. Just a Bite have a wide variety of flavors you can customize to fit your taste, colors or theme. A few of their yummy flavors include chocolate, red velvet, toasted coconut & carrot cake! Make sure to check out their full list of flavors and designs at www.justabitecakepops.com.

MINI CUPCAKES– Mini Cupcakes might be one of my favorite things. A huge fan of all things cupcake, its even better when the are mini size and you can enjoy all the flavors! Our favorites are from Itty Bitty Sweets, who has absolutely phenomenal mini cupcakes! Some of our favorite flavors include lemon, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry shortcake, German chocolate cake and red velvet.

CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS – Itty Bitty Sweets also specializes in hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels rolled in peanuts, toffee and more. The perfect way to incorporate something sweet & salty!


POPCORN – Popcorn might be one of the best snack foods. Even better when drizzled in chocolate or caramel. Want to add something savory? Try cheesy or sour cream and onion popcorn!! Popcornopolis is a great place to find an amazing variety of flavors to add to your table. With flavors like cinnamon toast and rocky road, you cant go wrong.

Mini Pies & Pie Pops –

More recently we have fallen in love with the trend of all things pies. We reached out to our friends at Cakewalk Desserts for their pie expertise on the topic. Cakewalk specializes in pie pops, mini pies & more. We think they are such a cute idea and yummy too!

Pie pops are available with solid or patterned crusts and custom flavors are welcomed! Pie flavors include: Apple, Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Cream, Key Lime, Pecan, Pumpkin and Peach.



Have you picked out your treats? Now time to decide how to display them. Consider your venue, allotted space and be creative. Most of the time we see sweets displayed on 6ft or 8ft banquet tables, sometimes two tables together. You can also use vintage furniture, built in bars, book cases, what ever elements your venue might have.

Not a designer? Dont fret, that is why there are professionals to help! Enlist your floral designer, wedding planner or bakery for help.

Backdrop sweetness- If you are going to have an awesome sweets bar, then have fun with a creative, pretty or bold back drop. Great ideas we have seen include paper flowers, hanging ribbon, draped fabric. Cute signs can be used like, “love is sweet” or “sweet love” etc. Frames, bunting and flags are great ways to add color and signage.

If your location allows you to hang things, lanterns, paper flowers, letters are all decor that can add to your display.

Cake stands, cupcake towers & more – A variety of heights always works well. You can use rizors under a linen to add additional height as needed. Usually pretty cake stands serve are the perfect place for mini treats. Available in a variety of colors shapes and sizes. You can make your own pop towers out of covered Styrofoam. Tiered serving trays, cupcake towers and charger plates all work well.

For more ideas visit one of our favorite wedding blogs, Ruffled, who has tips and ideas from My Sweet and Saucy, Sweet and Saucy Supply– a great resource for your dessert table!

Signs, Labels & Tags – We recommend some how labeling the type of desserts you are serving. Be playful with your setting, theme or design. Colorful flags with the dessert type are super cute! You can use vintage frames, write on chalkboards or colorful signs to identify each treat. (This would be a great place to have your stationary company get involved too!)

{Photo credits: Top- Black White & Red dessert table, Photos by Jasmine Star Photography; Middle- Cake Pops, Photos from Just a Bite Cake Pops; Itty Bitty Sweets Photos- Itty Bitty Sweets, Photos by Hoffman Photography Below- Pies & Pie Pops, Cakewalk Desserts & Smetona Photography}

We hope this inspires you and your sweet treats! The LVL Team




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