What's in SEASON?

I found this article in the knot and thought it was a great break down of flowers for this fall wedding season!

Hydrangea: blue, green, white
Rose: white, red, pink, yellow
Dahlia: yellow, orange, red, brown
Sunflower: yellow and brown
Black-eyed Susan: yellow and brown
Coreopsis: yellow

Amaranthus: orange, brown, gold
Chrysanthemum: gold, orange, white, redAster: white, purple
Fall leaves: Poplar, Sycamore, Oak, Elm, Maple

Wheat Wax flower: white, pink, purple
Orchid (in Hawaii): yellow, white, green
Stephanotis: white Anthurium (in Hawaii): white, red, green, orange

Waxy, Waxy

RS. Wax Co. specializes in wax luminaries which can be used for all types of weddings and events. The luminaries come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you can even customize your own logo on them. I also love the fact that the owner named the company after his wife (yes I am a sap but then again it serves me well in my profession).

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